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1950s Hollywood glamour meets sassy Indian cholis in these striking and adventure-friendly plague suits.

Wearability and versatility is baked into these designs. Buy one piece and drop it into an outfit to add a touch of spice or buy a matching set for maximum impact.

Matching plague masks are available for all prints.


I designed the Let’s Go bodice for days when I feel like standing up straight and taking care of business. The combination of contoured princess seams and a relaxed sweeping neckline makes this garment structured without being buttoned-up. Equal parts swagger and to-do list.

This bodice features princess seams, a cropped choli style length, a wide curved neckline, a concealed side zipper, and organic bamboo silk trimmings. The bodice measures 34cm from neck to hem at centre-front.

It takes about 3 hours to make this garment, from chalking out your measurements to pressing the finished item.

Pair with a matching skirt for ultimate coordination or wear with your favourite high-waisted trousers. These bodices are perfect for layering. I wear mine over billowy ruffled shirts to add a touch of Victoriana drama or over a poloneck thermal layer when I want to channel the vibe of a hotshot NME journalist circa 1970.


Curious coral creatures lounging on a turquoise seabed.

Select your desired garment from the custom collection page and chose your preferred fabric from the current selection.


This garment is made from dutch wax with bamboo silk trimmings.


Sundays in South London are full of Dutch Wax fabric. West African women dressed in exquisite head-to-toe ensembles on their way to church bearing tupperwears stuffed with food to share. I have always enjoyed the defiance of this glorious procession, its protest against drabness and its communal peacocking.

When I started making plague masks at the beginning of the pandemic, to send out to friends I could no longer share space with, Dutch Wax was the perfect fabric to use. The prints felt totemic and it pleased me to create a mini tribe of technicolour plague rats, doing the pandemic in our own way: if we have to wear masks then we might as well make a feature out of it.

This 100% cotton fabric comes from the dutch wax emporiums dotted around Brixton’s markets. These shopping trips are often followed by breakfast at my favourite Columbian diner. Please give me more excuses to go there.

I’ve included vegan organic bamboo silk trimmings to add a dash of luxury against your skin and a secret shock of colour inside your garment. This 100% Oeko-Tex certified fabric is commissioned by a haberdashery in Islington, conveniently located up the road from my favourite tea shop.

We’ve left out those annoying itchy labels. You’ll remember where you bought it.

Wash on a gentle cycle (e.g. 30°C) and line-dry with pride.


Please check your measurements against the sizing chart before placing your order. If you’re unsure about which size to order, please contact me and we can figure out the best option for you.

Custom sizing is available at no extra charge. Chose the custom size option and put your bust, waist & hip measurements in your check-out notes, plus the best way to contact you if I need to get in touch.


Please be aware that these garments are made to order and as such it can take up to 10 business days to dispatch your order. If your desire is urgent, please contact me to find out about current wait times.

As much as I enjoy the sound of the sewing machine, I usually have sounds on while I'm making. I cycle through phases of listening to radio, podcasts, lectures, and audio books.

Most often I listen to freeform New Jersey radio station WFMU . When I have a long seam to sew sometimes I try and match the sound of the sewing machine to the music.

Sometimes I write about the music I've been listening to (and making) on my music blog.