The Plague Mask ~ Midas and the Fish
The Plague Mask ~ Midas and the Fish
The Plague Mask ~ Midas and the Fish

The Plague Mask ~ Midas and the Fish

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Adjustable double-layered face coverings in colour popping Dutch wax prints. These masks are 100% cotton with a cotton poplin lining stamped with the Black Rabbit of Inlé (quite useful for getting your mask on the right way round).

The crispness of Dutch wax makes it an ideal fabric for face coverings. The lining material is soft enough to minimise skin irritation but not so light to be sucked in by your breath. The adjustable ear straps make these ideal for those who struggle to get the right fit or for anyone whose ears need a bit of relief by the end of the day.

You can freshen up your mask with an iron between washes for some extra crispness. These masks are stitched to last and can eventually be reincarnated as wash clothes. Cut off the elastic and send in your adjustment beads when you’re ready to reup and we’ll take £1 off each mask we make for you with your reused beads.


Our masks measure approx. 17cm wide and 15cm long. The adjustable elastic ear bands measure up to 28cm on each side.

Midas and the Fish

A dreamy sea of fish scales, circles, and swirling gold stripes. This crisp durable dutch wax fabric is 100% cotton with gold embellishments.


This product is made from a 100% cotton dutch wax outer layer with a 100% cotton poplin inner layer

Wash on a gentle cycle (e.g. 30°C) and line-dry with pride.


Sundays in South London are full of Dutch Wax fabric. West African women dressed in exquisite head-to-toe ensembles on their way to church bearing tupperwears stuffed with food to share. I have always enjoyed the defiance of this glorious procession, its protest against drabness and its communal peacocking.

When I started making plague masks at the beginning of the pandemic, to send out to friends I could no longer share space with, Dutch Wax was the perfect fabric to use. The prints felt totemic and it pleased me to create a mini tribe of technicolour plague rats, doing the pandemic in our own way: if we have to wear masks then we might as well make a feature out of it.

This 100% cotton fabric comes from the dutch wax emporiums dotted around Brixton’s markets. These shopping trips are often followed by breakfast at my favourite Columbian diner. Please give me more excuses to go there.


Free drawstring bag when you buy 3 masks - protect your mask from picking up nasties when you’re not wearing it. Add any bag to your shopping cart and you'll get it for free.


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