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The Black Rabbit of Inlé

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Wearable Stories for Curious People

My first collection is inspired by defiant colour, folklore and mythology, North Indian fashion, West African fabrics, and the quest for perfect pockets.

Circe’s Circle: hard to say, easy to wear.

Intuitive designs

I search for fabrics that delight my senses and lift my mood, with fierce prints and strong colours that combine in a special way. Fashion colours and florals are elsewhere. Convention is boring. Some of us have been masking for a long time. Which self would you like to explore today?

Plague Suits

Slow fashion

Everything I sell is designed and hand-made to order by me here in South London. Most of my materials are sourced from small businesses within walking distance.

Keeping operations small and local allows me to minimise wastage: no need to ship fabrics around the world from supplier to manufacturer, no need to stockpile garments in warehouses.  

I keep a small amount of each fabric in stock and make everything on-demand. This means that I don't produce more than I sell. It also means I can easily incorporate customisations into each order.